Nick Sousanis Cartoon

Nick Sousanis

Interview Credits: Katie Walden (PhD Candidate, American Studies)  and Jen Shook  (Postdoctoral Fellow, Digital Bridges in Humanistic Inquiry at Grinnell College)

Quick Biography:

From Twitter: “EdD14 ColumbiaU, diss in comics form- Unflattening from HarvardUP ( ) Eisner-nom, Lynd Ward prize. Former Detroiter, NYer,now asst prof SFSU”


PhD: Teachers College, Columbia University
MA: Wayne State University
BS: Western Michigan University

Background/pre PhD school trajectory
Coming into PhD/building a portfolio of work
How to bring creativity/multi-modal dimensions into scholarly work
Advocating for/publicizing work
Job market experience
Post doc experience (Jen Schook chimes in here as well)