Ivan Kreilkamp

Listen to our Episode with Ivan Krielkamp

Quick Biography:

From Twitter: “I teach English lit, edit @VictStudies, & write often about books/ music/ film. Thought Follower.”


PhD: Brown University, 1999
MA: Brown University, 1994
BA: Yale University, 1991

Interview Higlights: 

3:10 The waves of Twitter  
3:30-3:40: Question raised
7:35-8:00 Public writing for graduate students
10:30 Places to Consider Publishing Public Writing: N+1LARBThe Book
11:00-12:00 Challenges of publishing public work
12:00-13:00 Publishing yourself—in between blog and publishing Medium
17:05 Academic publishing process
17:30 The Invisible Leash anecdote
20:00-22:00 Twitter Etiquette Jon Ronson: You’ve Been Publicly Shamed Justine Sacco
23:00-24:00 Bonnie Stewart “Twitter counts enough to get you fired not hired”
240:00 Orality/Aurality of Twitter
25:50 Personal versus Professional Accounts
30:00- Political Tweets
32:00 What being invited here means
33:00 Twitter-in-the-Middle
35:00 Public Writing Pedagogy? (And Mary’s reaction to Canvas)