Amanda Visconti

Quick Biography:

From Twitter: “Public digital humanities: web dev+UX for social reading+learning. Purdue DH professor/librarian/LitPhD/InfoMS/@UMD_MITH alum. Blog:


PhD: University of Maryland, 2015
MS: University of Michigan, 2010

Links: InfiniteUlysses, MITH@UMD, LiteratureGeek

15:00-17:00 DH Friendly Committee 17:00-19:30 Dr. Visconti’s Comp Exam ?s 19:30-20:00 Scholastic Perspectives 20:00-21:00 Challenges of DH Dissertation 22:00-24:00 Advantages “Real Time” Scholarship 25:00-26:00  Advantages of sharing process 26:00-27:00 What does a dissertation do? 27:00-28:00 How Methods Section Should Function 28:00-30:00 How to be pedagogical not defensive 30:00-34:00 Conferences and Publications 34:00-37:00 Importance of Mentorship 37:00-40:00 Coursework

Amanda Visconti