Roundtable Participants

Matt Gilchrist (@mattgilchrist, Director of Iowa Digital Engagement and Learning) 

David K. Hensley (Clinical Professor and Executive Director, John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center) 

Laura Kuhlman (PhD Candidate, Department of English) 

**Please enjoy this conversation between our participants about the elevator pitch and the Three Minute Thesis (3MT). Be aware that our audio is a little soft in this conversation**


Elevator Pitch/3MT Roundtable




0-:35 Introductions
0:41-1:35 What makes a successful elevator pitch?
1:30-2:30 How do you prepare students to make an effective elevator pitch?
2:30-3:45 How do you advise a student that maybe can’t quite pull the application question out?
3:45-4:30 Moving from value (i.e. commercial) to values (large societal ways we organize ourselves as humans)
4:30-5:45 How do advisors prepare students for the performative element of the 3MT?
5:45 What makes a successful elevator pitch?
8:00 What inhibits the success of elevator pitches?
9:00-12:00 Disciplinary boundaries and form **GREAT SECTION OF CONVERSATION**
12:00 Responding to the cynical graduate student
13:50 How has the process helped you as you move through writing your dissertation?
15:30 Media and tools; writing as technology
17:00 Graduate courses in Rhetoric (Writing in the Disciplines and Public Speaking for Academics and Science Communication for the Digital Age)
20:00 Marketability within and/or outside The Academy
21:00 How did 3MT get on Laura’s radar?
22:00 Being entrepreneurial?
24:00 Final thoughts 

Matt Gilchrist on Less than Successful Elevator Pitches 

Disciplinary Norms and Structures of Thought

In this clip, Matt Gilchrist explains how being disciplined and disciplinary norms hinder scholars' attempts to effectively communicate with multiple audiences about the value and values of their research. 

For those who could not attend the event, this is one of the most important clips to come our of our project so far! 

3MT and the Elevator Pitch Roundtable