Betzy Bromberg at 105 AJB, Thursday, March 8 at 7pm – FREE

“Images that, once seen, will stay with you forever.”
— Holly Willis, LA Weekly

Join us for the season’s second event, with legendary filmmaker, Betzy Bromberg in attendance to present her new feature, Glide of Transparency, on 16mm!

Betzy Bromberg, Director of the Program in Film and Video at California Institute of the Arts, has been making experimental films since 1976. Her most recent film, Glide of Transparency (2016/17), premiered at the Redcat Theater in Los Angeles. Glide of Transparency is the third film in her 16mm abstract trilogy.  It was listed as one of the year’s best films in both Senses of Cinema (Jordan Cronk) and Fandor (Michael Sicinski and Jordan Cronk)  Her previous film, Voluptuous Sleep (2011), also had its first screening at Redcat and had its festival premiere at the New York Film Festival: Views From The Avant-Garde.  Voluptuous Sleep was listed as one of the Best Films for 2011 in both the New York Times (Manohla Dargis) and Indiewire (Andrea Picard).  Scott MacDonald included it in his Highlights 2012 in Lumiere Magazine ( and has published an interview with Ms. Bromberg in his recent book, Avant-Doc: Intersections of Documentary and Avant-Garde Cinema.


Glide of Transparency
Betzy Bromberg, (2016/17, 16mm, color, sound, 89 min)

Following A Darkness Swallowed (2005) and Voluptuous Sleep (2011), Betzy Bromberg’s third experimental feature, Glide of Transparency, goes further into translucent abstraction while conveying the intimate feeling of being transported to a sublimated inner garden. Glide of Transparency unfolds in three movements, each layered with its own intricate sound design (field recordings from the avian and insect world, ambient audio, vocals, and a composition for acoustic instruments). The non-narrative progression traverses luscious curves, vibrant colors, luminous contours and the scintillating trajectory of light over matter, over filmic texture.

“I am interested in making films that explore intimate places of the interior.  For me, the combination of visual and aural abstraction is sublime, a means of forging pathways without a path, journeys devoid of compass bearings, invoking mysterious and unearthly transports.  I am interested in making work that has no points of reference, where scale replaces structure and time is experienced rather than counted.

Glide of Transparency is a film in three movements, an exploration of color and light.  Ultimately, it is a film about love and transcendence.”