Sept. 09, 1958 - Present
Time in IC: Aug. 2013 - Nov. 2013

Karim Alrawi was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He lived there until his family moved to England, where he completed high school and college. Alrawi received his engineering degree from the University College London and while in England went on to pursue his PhD in engineering. When he realized that playwriting was his passion, he left school. He pursued the opportunity to work as a resident writer at the Royal Court Theatre and the Theatre Royal Stratford East. Alrawi's lifetime collection of work includes a wide range of genres from plays to children's books to political novels. Some of Alrawi's notable works are The Girl Who Lost Her Smile The Mouse Who Saved Egypt (2010), A Colder Climate (1986), Migrations (1986), Promised Land (1989), Fire in the Lake (1989), A Gift of Glory (1999), and Killing Time (2001). Alrawi has won many national and international awards for his writing.