History Corps at the University of Iowa

History Corps (HC) is a graduate student-led, online digital and oral history project based out of the Department of History at the University of Iowa. We have two primary goals. First, we provide academic training and real-world experience to humanities graduate students interested in research and careers that straddle the academic and non-nonacademic worlds. Second, we aim to make the relevance of History and humanities education more apparent to the citizens of Iowa and the Midwest. By collaborating with community partners, nonprofit organizations, and graduate and undergraduate classes in the UI and Iowa City communities and beyond, we tell stories and lend our academic training to interpretive projects that prove how History and the humanities affect everyone’s everyday lives.

We follow a “Historian First” teaching model, meaning our primary objective is to teach students how to become successful professional historians, chiefly trained in rigorous academic research, writing, teaching, and interpretation first. These skills are supplemented—not replaced—by the administrative and digital, oral, and public history skills accrued while working with HC.

HC is always looking for projects to examine, partnerships to develop, and stories to tell. Whether you’re a teacher interested in adding an oral or digital history component to your class or a community member engaged in a history project (or hoping to start one!), HC can help you get your project off the ground. Over the past several semesters, we’ve developed a strong network of collaborators who can help you create, manage, and display content online. We welcome rigorous scholarship and interpretation from professionals and community members alike. History Corps is about making your history come to life.

UPDATE Spring 2014: New content has been added to the Humanities at Iowa and Engaged Iowans pages! Also, keep an eye on the HC site as we move to a new, more dynamic platform in coming months!

Also, remember to visit the ”2008 Flood” page, which was unveiled last spring. Check out “Rising Waters, Rapid Changes” — the exciting new exhibit and oral history project commemorating the five-year anniversary of the 2008 Eastern Iowa floods.

If you have any questions about the content on any of our pages, would like to talk with a History Corps team members about incorporating our work in your classroom, or just have an interesting Iowa-related history project to tell us about, please contact us at historycorps@uiowa.edu.