Post-Human After All


The Future speaks to our present-day Anthropocene-sters via cat and rabbit in Here and Everything, but lest one imagine a stable animal habitus, Shadow Cuts stroboscopes Disney creatures to re-re-animated hallucination. Thad Kellstadt, in Act II, gets on the good popcorn foot in a syncopated improvisation with a microwave. Finally, an opening into our yearning tactility is seen through the screen in Anathema: counter-spells to ward off the industrial light and magic of capitalist sorcery.

Curated by Jason Livingston and Jesse McLean.

Here is Everything, Duke & Battersby, 13:55
Shadow Cuts, Martin Arnold, 4:50
Act II, Thad Kellstadt, 5:00
Anathema, The Otolith Group, 36:00

101 Becker Communication Studies Building
25 South Madison Street
Iowa City, IA

WHEN: Saturday, March 1, 2014  –  8:00pm